Getting Everyone on the Same Page; How to Improve Hospital Communication

As sited by the Institute of Medicine in a 2012 report, the average elderly patient sees seven physicians across four different practices each year.[1]Additionally, IOM reports that the average surgery patient is seen by 27 different healthcare providers while at the hospital, and for a single patient undergoing a procedure, the intricate network of providers [...]

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Clearing Up the Real Consequences of Never Events

As we’ve discussed in many of our blog posts, the expectations of a hospital visit or procedure versus its reality often results in disappointment at best, court cases and mortality at worst. One attempt at boosting patients’ confidence in the modern medical system has been made by various organizations’ endorsement of eliminating “never events.” While [...]

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Knowing Your HIPPA Rights and Streamlining Record Retrieval

Privacy as a right is a concept that is becoming more important by the day in the U.S., and its place in the medical sector is no exception. One of the most monumental pieces of legislation regarding the safeguarding of medical information and data privacy was the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of [...]

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Understanding Surgical Positioning Injuries II: Causes, Risk Factors, & Prevention

Our last post detailed a variety of injuries patients can suffer when positioned or moved incorrectly during surgery. While identifying the problem is of primary importance, the next stage of particular importance to attorneys serving clients is how the problems occurred and what might have caused a particular surgical positioning injury. Therefore, this secondary post [...]

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Understanding Surgical Positioning Injuries I: Injury Types

Surgical procedures always involve risk. With approximately 51 million surgical inpatient procedures occurring annually,[1]complications from infections, anesthesia, and many other factors can be at play. Simply the fact that one cannot ask a patient undergoing surgery if they are comfortable can cause serious problems. Namely, this can result in surgical positioning injuries. When patients are [...]

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The Everyday Racism Preventing Nurses From Doing Their Best Work: Part II

While our last post brought to attention the concerning pattern of racism faced by nurses of color, sometimes with disturbing frequency, this second part hopes to propose some solutions. While the true heart of the problem – systemic racism – isn’t something easily tackled, or something that promises to go away anytime soon, there are [...]

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The Everyday Racism Preventing Nurses From Doing Their Best Work: Part I 

Ask any nurse of color her or his experiences of racism on the job, and you’re bound to hear dozens of painful stories. Tales of patients and their families hurling racial slurs, mistaking nurses for cleaning staff, and refusing care because of a medical professional’s race are all things that still happen in American hospitals. [...]

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The Importance of Self-Care When Caring for Others, Part II: Effects and Solutions

As our last blog post made clear, the types of health concerns nurses may face are vast and not always easily solved. Whether a nurse is dealing with a concerning amount of physical activity, unsafe environments, lack of sleep, irregular and unhealthy diet, poor quality of life, or some terrible combination, the effects can be [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Smartphone Use by Nurses on Duty

Smartphones have altered the way of life in the United States and across the globe, affecting everything from how we navigate to how we date. While opinions vary on whether or not these devices’ benefits outweigh the risks they pose, one often forgotten sphere that is important to consider is that occupied by nurses. Nurses, [...]

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Understanding Compassion Fatigue Part II: Recent Changes and Addressing the Problem

As discussed in our previous post, compassion fatigue is a condition affecting many different types of professionals, but a condition that hits nurses particularly hard, and at great cost. This post will continue to build upon the information from Part I, and will go into more detail about the resulting sensations of compassion fatigue, recent [...]

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