The Pros and Cons of Smartphone Use by Nurses on Duty

Smartphones have altered the way of life in the United States and across the globe, affecting everything from how we navigate to how we date. While opinions vary on whether or not these devices’ benefits outweigh the risks they pose, one often forgotten sphere that is important to consider is that occupied by nurses. Nurses, [...]

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Understanding Compassion Fatigue Part II: Recent Changes and Addressing the Problem

As discussed in our previous post, compassion fatigue is a condition affecting many different types of professionals, but a condition that hits nurses particularly hard, and at great cost. This post will continue to build upon the information from Part I, and will go into more detail about the resulting sensations of compassion fatigue, recent [...]

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Understanding Compassion Fatigue Part I: What it is and Who it Affects

All jobs wear us down in one way or another, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. But the nursing profession is particularly difficult to sustain not just because of the stamina and strong stomach required to be working with ill and injured people, but also because of the compassion it necessitates. Therefore, while it may [...]

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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care: The Differences and Cases Each Might Present  

As pointed out in our last blog post, the American population is aging, and hospitals aren’t the only facilities struggling to accommodate these changes. Approximately one million Americans live in some type of senior living community, with that number predicted to double by the year 2030.[1]However, these communities present a range of differences in terms [...]

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Night Shifts and Biological Concerns

A Deeper Look into What Happens to Nurses on Night Shift While a variety of professions are required to provide around-the-clock services, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals provide those of the upmost importance. Medicine is a crucial 24-hour field, but considering the health of those providing care is just as important to address. While [...]

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Nursing Shortages and Nursing School Rejections: The Potential Effects on Your Practice

The nursing shortage across the U.S. has been well documented for over a decade now, largely due to the fact that older populations require more healthcare service and there are currently more Americans over the age of 65 than any other time in U.S. history.[1]However, over the last month, several articles and reports have surfaced [...]

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Clinical Documentation – The Answer to the Story

Clinical documentation is the final fact in any story being told. Clinical documentation can and will make or break a case and unfortunately for most facilities, it’s frequently very bad. Discovering poor clinical documentation, failures to record care or intentional alteration of records requires more than just reading the nurse notes.   Clinical documentation is [...]

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Addressing Malpractice in Obstetrics: What We’re Up Against

Obstetrics is a field of medicine that affects us all directly even before we’re born. Ensuring the health and safety of both mother and neonate is complicated, since both don’t always have the same needs. This challenge makes the field doubly important, but also doubly dangerous; following surgeons and gastroenterologists, obstetricians are the most sued [...]

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Why So Many Care Transitions Aren’t Smooth, and How to Improve Them

While being released from the hospital may come as a relief to many patients eager to go back home, the transition can be fraught with anxiety-inducing, expensive, and even dangerous challenges. One analysis of Medicare claims found that almost one fifth of beneficiaries who had been discharged from a hospital were rehospitalized within 30 days, [...]

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The Risks of Outpatient Surgery

While the death of comedian Joan Rivers at an outpatient surgery center in 2014 may have shocked the public, it was no surprise to many attorneys familiar with medical negligence cases. Center violations found during the Rivers investigation, including failure to notice deteriorating vitals, a discrepancy in the medical record concerning anesthesia dosage received, and [...]

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