Addressing Malpractice in Obstetrics: What We’re Up Against

Obstetrics is a field of medicine that affects us all directly even before we’re born. Ensuring the health and safety of both mother and neonate is complicated, since both don’t always have the same needs. This challenge makes the field doubly important, but also doubly dangerous; following surgeons and gastroenterologists, obstetricians are the most sued [...]

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Why So Many Care Transitions Aren’t Smooth, and How to Improve Them

While being released from the hospital may come as a relief to many patients eager to go back home, the transition can be fraught with anxiety-inducing, expensive, and even dangerous challenges. One analysis of Medicare claims found that almost one fifth of beneficiaries who had been discharged from a hospital were rehospitalized within 30 days, [...]

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The Risks of Outpatient Surgery

While the death of comedian Joan Rivers at an outpatient surgery center in 2014 may have shocked the public, it was no surprise to many attorneys familiar with medical negligence cases. Center violations found during the Rivers investigation, including failure to notice deteriorating vitals, a discrepancy in the medical record concerning anesthesia dosage received, and [...]

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Understanding Obesity Part II: The Risks of Bariatric Care

While our last post focused on the variety of health risks those with obesity face, this week’s post focuses on risks that don’t often come first to mind; those faced by bariatric patients while being cared for, and the medical professionals caring for them. Due to increased chances of complication and greater weight to move [...]

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Understanding Obesity Part 1: How it is Determined and Associated Health Risks

While most Americans are aware that obesity is a growing trend and concern within the country, understanding how it is identified and how exactly it affects the body is not necessarily common knowledge. More than a third of U.S. adults are obese, according to the CDC, with tens of billions of dollars being utilized annually [...]

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Understanding Birth-related Medical Errors

Childbirth, one of the most anticipated and anxiety-inducing medical experiences possible, has thankfully become much less terrifying due to modern medicine; between 1915 and 1997, the infant mortality rate declined to 90%, and the maternal mortality rate declined to almost 99% in the U.S.[1] However, fears regarding the event are still pervasive, and for good [...]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse- What You Need to Know

As any criminal attorney knows, the stakes are high when evaluating cases that involve childhood sexual abuse. The review and analysis then needs to be done by an experienced forensic nurse (as in Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting PDX) to ensure that your client has the best chance in representation for their alleged crime.   This [...]

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It’s Not Just the Professionals: Understanding Nursing Student Errors

We’ve already covered a number of types of medical errors that can be made by nurses and other medical staff on this blog, but one often overlooked but key demographic it is important not to forget are nursing students. When performing RN duties, student nurses are held to the same standard of care as registered [...]

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Who Gets Addicted to Painkillers and Why

Though our post last week emphasized the lack of pain medication for several demographics in the U.S., today we turn to who is using those pain medications in excess. The opioid “epidemic” as it is now known by health professionals and government authorities, has reached all corners of the news and people across the country, [...]

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Understanding the Pain Gap for So Many Who Suffer

Though methods for assessing and reporting pain exist, as discussed in one of our posts from last January, many medical professionals struggle to objectively treat and identify the severity of patients’ pain levels. Unfortunately, disparities in treatment are due not only to individual judgment, but are also connected to the cost and availability of medication [...]

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