At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting, we believe that medical records tell a story. No matter if the case is civil or criminal, our nurses read and analyze medical records to determine the good, the bad and the ugly. Our nurses are specialists in their field, matching our experience to your case theme, which ensures the best fit for your cases.

Wonder if you left money on the table with your client’s settlement?

We identify case information, facilitating better monetary return for you and your client.

Afraid of wasting valuable time and money on medical cases without merit?

We provide you with medical record analysis, determining case strengths and weaknesses and eliminating the expense of nonmeritorious cases.

Concerned about missing vital case facts or being blindsided by opposing counsel with case facts?

We provide you with necessary analysis, uncovering important issues and involved parties as well as providing lists of outstanding chart notes, which ensures you have obtained all necessary chart notes.

Afraid of not including important information during deposition?

We identify all key issues and provide you with deposition questions, which makes your job easier.

Need help with location of medical experts who won’t surprise you during deposition or trial?

We use a thorough vetting process to find you the perfect testifying expert.

Concerned for your client during IME/DME attendance and understanding what actually happened, especially in regards to all pertinent health issues and problems?

We attend the exam and provide you with a thorough written report.

Concerned that the medical records support or refute the claimed injuries in your Criminal Defense cases?

We analyze the medical records and provide you with the necessary information so you can understand all case issues.


Understanding medical records is our job, giving you more time to practice law.

We provide relief for your practice, saving you valuable time and money. Our nurses have experience in medical surgical nursing, intensive care unit, operating room, long-term care, pediatrics and obstetrics to ensure the appropriate expertise for your chart notes.