“A medical summary is critical in every case I have in litigation. It helps me thoroughly understand my client’s treatment and identify possible problems at deposition. Because of several large cases going on at the same time, I had to find some one to do the medical review that my legal assistant normally does. I contacted Wendy and hired her for the job. Wendy had the review back within the agreed time. The review was in the format and style I requested. It was every bit as thorough, perhaps even more, than my legal assistant. It was exactly what I needed. I would not hesitate to use Wendy again- in fact I am.”
— Jim Dwyer, Esq.
“When we use Wendy, we get a thorough and complete report. She finds issues that I had never considered, and her through analysis is worth every penny!”
— Kelly L. Andersen, Esq.
“Very nice report, the report will be very useful to cut and paste into my settlement demand.”
— Jan K. Kitchel, Esq.
“Thank you for your help on this. I needed an unbiased evaluation.”
— Sarah E. Freeman, Esq.
“Thanks a lot Wendy, I appreciate the thorough report. Nice job.”
— Emery Wang, Esq.
“Just finished up a 2 day trial that ended in a 2 word verdict. It wouldn’t have happened without legal nurse consultant Wendy Votroubek who provided invaluable help deciphering pages upon pages of complex medical records and foundation to attack the attending doctor’s conclusions. Without that knowledge, there’s no way this turned out the way it did.”
— Edward Kroll, Esq.
“Our firm has used Wendy Votroubek’s considerable medical expertise to provide in-depth analysis of complicated medical records, and to organize those records.

We have also had her attend defense medical examinations to provide an unbiased record of the evaluation technique applied by the examiner, and to provide equally important support to the often-intimidated examinee, making the experience a little less daunting.

Wendy provides her expertise and compassion with humor and energy. She is a delight to work with, and I recommend her highly.”

— James Jennings, Esq.
“Thank you so much for your timely response to this case. We appreciate what you do.”
— Katie Ireland, Esq.
“Wendy provides prompt, professional, courteous service with a ready smile that sets clients at ease. She lasers in on the medical issues that matter most to highlight them for legal review as we consider how to best represent out medical cases to the triers of fact.”
— Jenna Harden, Esq.
“Thank you for the hard work and detailed report.”
— Judy Snyder, Esq.
“This is awesome! You are well worth the money! Thanks Wendy.”
— Andrew Mathers, Esq
“I had Wendy review a complex set of hospital records for me. Her synopsis was thorough, understandable and she then went further and provided me with some very insightful medical journal articles and research which put the case in excellent perspective. I will definitely use her again.”
— Richard D. Adams, Esq.
“You are truly a delightful person, and a consummate professional.”
— Sara M. Winfield, Esq.
“Thank you so much, will definitely use you again for another criminal case.”
— Zach Stern, Esq.
“Wendy Votroubek is a nurse educator and RN. I have a medical negligence case that I’m involved with concerning a procedure gone bad performed by a surgeon and nurse assisting. Ms. Votroubek offered to assist me in evaluating the case, providing key questions of inquiry for both the Doctor and his assistant and vetting an expert she would recommend.

Ms. Votroubek was very prompt and timely in providing her evaluation, focusing on the key issues in the case. She also prepared questions to ask of the defendant providers. When asked to vet an expert, she promptly produced a shining star. I would highly recommend Wendy Votroubek without hesitation.”

— W. Wallace Ogdahl, Esq.
“Thank you for your speedy work and comprehensive spreadsheet.”
— Jim Nelson, Esq
“You did an excellent job.”
— Michael H. Bloom, Esq.
“I have reviewed the report and it was done very well. Thanks for your good work promptly done.”
— Ralph Rayburn, Esq.
Thank you very much for your hard work on the case thus far – what I learned with you will surely help us at mediation.
— Kristen West McCall, Esq.
“You did a phenomenal job!”

Ethan Chatov, Esq.

— Ethan Chatov, Esq.
“Excellent report and you uncovered important areas that I had not considered”
— Robert A. Miller, Esq.
“The case was recently settled in mediation and your work played no small part in helping us convey accurate information to the mediator.  Thank you for this excellent help.”

Michael Held, Esq. and Peggy Fowler, paralegal

— Michael Held, Esq. and Peggy Fowler, paralegal
Thanks so much for your help, your report was both concise and thorough. The case disposition was a direct result of your your report.

Ron Cox, Esq

— Ron Cox, Esq
Thanks so much for your help, your report was both concise and thorough. The case disposition was a direct result of your your report.
— Ron Cox, Esq
Thank you very much for your help in reviewing the extensive medical files in our case. The nurse I worked with was exceptional, and very informative. With your help, we resolved a very difficult and complex case. My office will continue using you many times in the future.
— Alexis Bishop Stern, Esq.
You are a patient and wonderful educator and I will recommend you highly.
— F. James Healy, Esq.