Don’t Let the Graveyard Shift Bury The Nurse and Their Patients Part II: The Effects of Shift Work on Patients

After being introduced to the negative effects shift work has on those who work them, part two of this series brings us to the other group affected by shift work: patients. The effects a lack of sleep and circadian disruption have on nurses not only affect their bodies, they also affect how they interact with [...]

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Don’t Let the Graveyard Shift Bury The Nurse and Their Patients Part I: The Dangers Nurses Face While Working Shifts

Humans are not creatures of the night. Even if you are the type to find yourself binge-watching a TV show or working on a project at 3:00am, this doesn’t change the fact that we were never intended to be nocturnal. Staying awake through the night requires combating our bodies’ natural rest period, and even sleeping [...]

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Everything looks great! Or does it? – How lab errors happen and how they can be minimized

Imagine your client had a routine blood screen ten weeks into her pregnancy, and the results come back clear. Your client rejoices and goes on with her life. However, seven months later, her child is born with a blood disorder that kills him three weeks later. This was the case for C. S., who not [...]

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Preserving the most precious commodity-making the most of your time

If the history of the word was compressed into a 24-hour period, the human race would not emerge until the last 77 seconds.[1] With a single human lifespan a mere blip on the timeline of the Earth, it’s overwhelming to consider how little time we have to achieve our goals, to foster relationships, to make an [...]

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Medical errors the third leading cause of death

It is not surprising that the leading causes of death in the US are heart disease and cancer; that is a statistic that is not hard to understand, especially considering the health care practices or lack thereof of Americans in general. What is of interest is that the third leading cause of death in the [...]

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