Combating the CTE Crisis: Concussion Protocols

In the last blog post, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) was introduced as a devastating neurological disorder associated with repeated traumatic brain injuries in football players. The previous post also explored a number of scientific advancements including new helmet technology, as well as the ongoing development of a vaccine to potentially prevent the rate of onset [...]

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Combating the CTE Crisis – Scientific Advancements

As professional and collegiate football programs begin to prepare for bowl games and the playoffs, many of us will watch at least one football game during this holiday season. The high level of physicality inherent in football is easily apparent to viewers while watching this sport. However, most spectators do not realize the repetitive brain [...]

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Longer Work Hours May be linked to Higher Incidence of Chronic Disease in Women

In 2016 Ohio State University conducted a study to determine if there was a relationship between serious diseases and hours worked over a 32-year timeframe.  Self-reported data was collected from 12,000 American participants aged 40-50 years through interviews, which provided the researchers with self-reported information regarding health status, chronic conditions, and the average hours worked [...]

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