Inadequate Staffing and Resultant Poor Patient Outcomes in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes may be known for a lot of things, but stellar patient care might not always be one of them. Nurses working in the Emergency Department will tell you that when they get patients from the local nursing homes, the issues present did not arise in the span of one day. More and more [...]

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Maternal Mortality – Women’s Health and Access to Appropriate Care

Part Three in a Three-Part Maternal Health Series As referenced in the prior two blogs, the United States ranks poorly in maternal mortality. Women in this country have a higher death rate during the prenatal and postnatal period than in any other developed country. A literature review reveals that the cause is related to a [...]

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Maternal Mortality – What is causing this epidemic, and can it be fixed?

Part Two in a Three-Part Maternal Health Series An estimated 60% of United States pregnancy- related deaths are preventable (AJN, 2019). Not only is the U.S. maternal mortality rate the highest in the world, but it continues to rise while other developed countries’ rates are decreasing each year. Death rates in the U.S. related to [...]

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“The United States of America Ranks Number One In the World….. In Maternal Mortality”

The United States of America is known by many as a medical powerhouse. It is home to some of the best hospitals in the world. Groundbreaking research is done in hospitals and universities across the nation, setting the standard for state of the art care and procedures. It is shocking to many, that the United [...]

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How the Opioid Epidemic is Impacting Organ Transplants

The opioid epidemic has been deemed the most critical public health challenge of our time by the American Medical Association. In 2017 opioid overdoses resulted in an estimated 47,600 deaths in the US, which accounted for over two-thirds (68%) of the nation’s total drug overdoses for that year.1Yet, despite the numerous negative consequences this epidemic [...]

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The Cost of Moral Injury

Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Shay first used the term “moral injury” in 1998 to describe the heavy conscience weighing on war veterans following their involvement in combat.1He discovered that many of his military and veteran patients accounts revolved around the perceived injustices they endured at the hands of the leadership figures who required them to participate [...]

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The Interruptions Impacting E.R. Nurses’ Productivity and Workload

Emergency rooms are one of the most unpredictable settings a health care worker can be in, and often serve as a patient’s front-line of care. At any moment someone could walk through the door with a life threatening emergency requiring rapid decision-making and the full, alert attention of staff. Nurses in emergency departments work with [...]

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Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Decrease Stress and Burnout

Decreasing stress and burnout among nurses is an ongoing issue that has proven to be tremendously difficult to solve. Although many tactics and strategies have been employed by hospital organizations to combat this problem, nurses are continuing to report burnout at an alarming rate nationwide.1If burnout continues to rise at this current rate health care [...]

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No Sponges Left Behind

Avoiding retained surgical items should be a united concern among all members of the operating team. Retained surgical items are a completely preventable event that can result in serious implications for all involved parties including the patient, hospital, and medical care providers.   Although the incidence of retained surgical items is relatively low, estimated to [...]

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The Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2019

The Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) institute publishes an annual list of the top patient safety concerns that necessitate the most attention by hospitals for the specified year. These potential safety issues come from across the continuum of patient care to include hospitals, private practice offices, emergency care, aging services, and home health.1By informing healthcare [...]

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