Death by Nursing Home – The Reality in Long Term Care

One in Three nursing home residents will be harmed through medication error, preventable infections, lack of or substandard care and abuse. One in three... In 2013, 8,357,100 people receive support from the 5 main long-term care service; home health agencies (4,742,500), nursing homes (1,383,700), hospices (1,244,500), residential care communities (713,300) and adult day service centers [...]

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Obesity is a growing problem both nationally and internationally. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 34.9% of US adults can be considered obese. The most common screening tool being used today to determine obesity levels is the Body Mass Index (BMI). A persons BMI is calculated by a mathematical formula [...]

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Show me your stethoscope

There is a relatively new private Facebook group called Show Me Your Stethoscope or SMYS . This group was started shortly after the September episode of the View where a Miss America contestant was mocked for wearing a stethoscope and explaining her job as her “talent”. As a result, nurses wrote into the network as [...]

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Patient falls and fall prevention programs

Patients fall and hurt themselves.  They fall in the acute care hospital (most commonly reported adverse event in the inpatient adult setting); outpatient clinics, surgery centers as well as long term care facilities (LTC) with potentially significant and long-term consequences. While falls can happen to any individual, they are a common problem in the elderly [...]

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