About Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting

Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting was founded in 2010 with the goal to educate and empower attorney clients.

About Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting

At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting PDX we take our role of empowering our attorney clients seriously. Founded in 2010 by Wendy Votroubek RN, MPH, our objective has always been to assist our attorney clients, so they better understand all the case facts and potential issues.  


How do we do this? By hiring only the best nurses after a thorough vetting process; our nurses include experienced clinically active nurses; both RN and Advance Practice Nurses – MSN, FNP, PNP and DNP, Forensic Nurses (SANE-P and A).


Our attorneys know we are the best at what we do and routinely refer us to other attorneys.

Wendy Votroubek, RN, MPH, LNC

Our Core Values


We do the right thing even when no one is looking; if some reason you are not satisfied, we will work to get it right.


Our job is to uncover the good, the bad and the ugly in the chart notes and billing records so you better understand your case and can plan accordingly.


We are known for the quality of our work; we have high standards, and it is reflected in our work products.


Our business is not about us and/or our ego; it is about our clients.


Whenever possible, we provide an estimated range of hours for the requested work to prevent sticker shock; it is the right thing to do.


Our continued mission is about teamwork between our attorney clients and nurses; our goal is to be a valuable asset for your team.