"Wendy is amazing and has done great work for me in the past – she has a network of nurses that can get records sorted, highlighted, general damage reports/summaries, medical cost projections , etc. She has been a huge help to me on prior cases, and her expertise has always been worth the money, including a past case that settled for 2 million dollars without litigation."

"I am happy to report that we were able to get this case resolved. Your review and report was critically helpful in our negotiations!"

"It’s an absolute joy to work with you. You helped make a difference, yet again."

"I LOVED being so well organized and knowledgeable about those medical records. Made me look awesome and persuasive, thank you very much."

"We needed an analysis of future medical expenses done with a quick turnaround. Wendy quickly came up to speed on our client’s long and complicated medical course, contacted several treating providers to get the necessary foundational information, and created a professionally done report in record time. With it, the defense acknowledged the future exposure and our client was able to make the important decisions necessary to resolve the case favorably. Thanks, Wendy, for your great attitude and solid work!"

"I have asked for Wendy’s help a few times on cases, and am so glad I did! She put together a concise summary of the medical expenses and explained the process for determining whether the costs of the medicals were reasonable. She did a terrific job at trial and was very professional, reliable, and credible. In another matter, when opposing counsel was refusing to stipulate to the reasonableness of costs of my client’s medical bills, Wendy reviewed the costs and drafted a declaration for me; opposing counsel stipulated to the reasonableness of the costs without having to call Wendy live to testify. It is one less thing to have to worry about at trial, and her costs are very reasonable. I will not hesitate to hire Wendy and Integrity in the future, and strongly recommend her services!"

Attorney/Provider Liaison
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"I am beyond impressed by the product you've provided us. We are excited and motivated to move forward in this case because of your effort. You've done an excellent job. We look forward to a continued professional relationship with you moving forward."

"We had the pleasure of working with Wendy and her team in a recent trial. We needed a fast turn-around on expert literature searches for cross-examination and a Rule 104 hearing. Wendy’s team was extremely responsive, asked appropriate clarifying questions, and offered good suggestions for follow-up work. We prevailed at the Rule 104 hearing, knocking out one of their experts for a lack of peer review literature in support of his position, and the jury returned a favorable verdict, just a little shy of the prayer. At the end, many of the jurors approached our client to wish him and his family a Happy Thanksgiving."

"Because of several large cases going on at the same time, I had to find someone to do the medical review that my legal assistant normally does. I contacted Wendy and hired her for the job. The review was in the format and style I requested. It was every bit as thorough, perhaps even more than my legal assistant. It was exactly what I needed. I would not hesitate to use Wendy again, in fact, I am."​

"I am writing with gratitude in my heart for all the work you all put into this case...I am thrilled with your work product and assure you that we will be calling on you again for all of our medical case-related issues. I'm blown away by your professionalism and advocacy."​

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Let's Work Together

At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting, we believe that medical records tell a story. No matter if the case is civil or criminal, our nurses read and analyze medical records to determine the good, the bad and the ugly. Our nurses are specialists in their field, matching our experience to your case theme, which ensures the best fit for your cases.