Civil Rights

Was your client denied their civil rights to appropriate medical care while incarcerated?

Was there a delay in diagnosis or treatment that resulted
in an adverse outcome?

Was a death within the prison system potentially avoidable?

Our nurses have extensive experience with medically related civil rights cases involving general individuals as well as inmates. We can provide the necessary review of records and analysis of your case so you can decide your next steps in litigation.


Our Civil Rights services include:

  • Review and analysis of medical chart notes with written reports
  • Timeline regarding important findings and mitigating factors
  • Locate and vet appropriate experts for trial

Let's Work Together

At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting, we believe that medical records tell a story. No matter if the case is civil or criminal, our nurses read and analyze medical records to determine the good, the bad and the ugly. Our nurses are specialists in their field, matching our experience to your case theme, which ensures the best fit for your cases.