Assessing and Reporting Pain & Suffering: What We Can Do to Help

Assessing and Reporting Pain & Suffering: What We Can Do to Help   Especially for personal injury attorneys, calculating your client’s pain and suffering can be harrowing. Because of the subjectivity and complexity of each individual case, how do you know you’re doing all you can for those you represent? At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting, [...]

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Looking Beyond the Obvious Physical Injuries: Motor Vehicle Accidents and PTSD

Though posttraumatic stress disorder is most commonly associated with military combat or violent assault, motor vehicle accidents are actually the leading cause of PTSD development in Americans.[1] With over one percent of Americans experiencing a serious motor vehicle accident (MVA) annually, MVAs account for over three million injuries and over 100 billion dollars in damage [...]

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Understanding the Regulations and Guidelines of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Until the 1970s, it was practically unheard of to have a surgical procedure outside of a hospital. However, health care facilities that offer patients a more convenient, affordable method of care grew in popularity in the form of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). Each year, more than 23 million procedures are performed by physicians in these [...]

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