The Basics of Intramuscular Injections: Understanding Risks and Best Practices

Intramuscular injections are required by even the healthiest of individuals, whose most frequent encounters with medical professionals are often focused on the need of these treatments in the form of flu shots or other basic immunizations. IM injections are crucial for ease of administration day-to-day usage because they allow medication to be absorbed into the [...]

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Understanding Birth-related Medical Errors

Childbirth, one of the most anticipated and anxiety-inducing medical experiences possible, has thankfully become much less terrifying due to modern medicine; between 1915 and 1997, the infant mortality rate declined to 90%, and the maternal mortality rate declined to almost 99% in the U.S.[1] However, fears regarding the event are still pervasive, and for good [...]

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Getting Everyone on the Same Page; How to Improve Hospital Communication 

  As sited by the Institute of Medicine in a 2012 report, the average elderly patient sees seven physicians across four different practices each year.[1] Additionally, IOM reports that the average surgery patient is seen by 27 different healthcare providers while at the hospital, and for a single patient undergoing a procedure, the intricate network [...]

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Knowing Your HIPPA Rights and Streamlining Record Retrieval

Privacy as a right is a concept that is becoming more important by the day in the U.S., and its place in the medical sector is no exception. One of the most monumental pieces of legislation regarding the safeguarding of medical information and data privacy was the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of [...]

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Clearing Up the Real Consequences of Never Events

As we’ve discussed in many of our blog posts, the expectations of a hospital visit or procedure versus its reality often results in disappointment at best, court cases and mortality at worst. One attempt at boosting patients’ confidence in the modern medical system has been made by various organizations’ endorsement of eliminating “never events.” While [...]

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