“It’s Just Part of the Job” Part II: Consequences of and Solutions to Workplace Abuse Against Nurses

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that 60% of workplace assaults occur in healthcare, and instances of verbal abuse and physical violence against healthcare workers have continued to rise in recent years.[1] While our first blog post on this topic covered the types of abuse nurses and other healthcare professionals face daily, the reasons [...]

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“It’s Just Part of the Job;” The Dangerous Perceptions and Realities of Workplace Abuse for Nurses

  If you overhear someone saying they were aggressively told on the job, “Why don’t you bring your p---y over here and sit on my face,” you might make certain presumptions about that woman’s occupation. However, if you then learned this woman was a nurse, and was told this by a patient whose family later [...]

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Leading Causes of Death in America: #6 – #10

While statistics may have warned you about the top five diseases killing Americans today, numbers 6 through 10 might not be as obvious to you. Our last post focused on the top 5 leading causes of death in the United States today, and this post aims to continue this discussion by highlighting the next five [...]

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Explanation & Prevention Methods for the Top 5 Leading Causes of Death in the U.S.A

Though the United States is renowned as one of the most medically advanced nations in the world, the diseases most frequently responsible for the deaths of Americans have remained consistent for at least the past five years, and have been plaguing the country for at least the past fifty.[1] Just ten causes are responsible for [...]

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