Squashing the Superbug: Understanding the Spread of Drug-Resistant Bacteria and How to Stop it

We’ve all seen and heard headlines touting the great fears of “superbugs,” a word that calls to mind some sort of sci-fi horror film villain. However, while it’s easy to write off the media’s focus on superbugs as an attention-grabber and fear tactic to rile audiences, superbugs can cause real dangers, especially in hospitals, if [...]

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When Two Life-Altering Diagnoses Intersect: Attempting to Understand the Connections Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease

Both diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are listed as two of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States, falling at numbers six and seven respectively, and claiming the lives of tens of thousands yearly.[1] On the offset, these two diseases may seem very different; while Alzheimer’s is known for damaging nerve cells [...]

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The How and Why of Healthcare Data Breaches

Cybersecurity is a very real concern for the modern American; 64% of this country’s citizens have personally experienced a major data breach, and because of this, faith in institutions to safeguard personal information is at an all-time low.[1] Having personal, sensitive information compromised is a nightmare for both the individuals affected and the business or [...]

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Delays in Treatment: A Great Danger to Physicians and Patients Alike

  A missed or late diagnosis has obvious repercussions for patients, but for the medical staff who fails to contact or explain a test result or treat a disease, consequences can also be dire. One article published by American Medical News states that “missed appointments and failures to follow up pose some of the greatest [...]

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