Whether a patient is seen in a large teaching hospital, small community hospital or prison system, an infected appendix has the potential to be a major abdominal issue, with increased risk of litigation against an emergency physician[1]. Appendicitis is hard to diagnose in that there is not one presenting symptom or finding on physical exam. [...]

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Five Medical Myths Debunked

What with the country’s current obsession with fake news, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and gift you with some debunked medical myths this holiday season. Some of these pieces of misguided advice have plagued us for decades, while others are newer ideas about how to stay in good health. Either way, the science [...]

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Osteoarthritis: New Discoveries and Solutions

Though it may seem that everyone from their twenties upwards makes complaints – either jokingly or in all seriousness – about the joint aches and pains of “old age,” the reality is that osteoarthritis is becoming increasingly more common in the U.S., and not for the reasons you may suspect. The most common form of [...]

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