Who Gets Addicted to Painkillers and Why

Though our post last week emphasized the lack of pain medication for several demographics in the U.S., today we turn to who is using those pain medications in excess. The opioid “epidemic” as it is now known by health professionals and government authorities, has reached all corners of the news and people across the country, [...]

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Understanding the Pain Gap for So Many Who Suffer

Though methods for assessing and reporting pain exist, as discussed in one of our posts from last January, many medical professionals struggle to objectively treat and identify the severity of patients’ pain levels. Unfortunately, disparities in treatment are due not only to individual judgment, but are also connected to the cost and availability of medication [...]

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If the history of the word was compressed into a 24-hour period, the human race would not emerge until the last 77 seconds.[1] With a single human lifespan a mere blip on the timeline of the Earth, it’s overwhelming to consider how little time we have to achieve our goals, to foster relationships, to make an [...]

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The Impact of Childhood Trauma: A Holistic Health Concern

Every year, approximately 5 million children are exposed to traumatic events in the United States.[1] Because traumatic experiences in childhood can have life-long and life-altering effects, it is critical to understand their medical implications, especially when assessing trauma’s effects through a legal lens. In order to help you build stronger legal cases and assess clients’ [...]

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