Why So Many Care Transitions Aren’t Smooth, and How to Improve Them

While being released from the hospital may come as a relief to many patients eager to go back home, the transition can be fraught with anxiety-inducing, expensive, and even dangerous challenges. One analysis of Medicare claims found that almost one fifth of beneficiaries who had been discharged from a hospital were rehospitalized within 30 days, [...]

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The Risks of Outpatient Surgery

While the death of comedian Joan Rivers at an outpatient surgery center in 2014 may have shocked the public, it was no surprise to many attorneys familiar with medical negligence cases. Center violations found during the Rivers investigation, including failure to notice deteriorating vitals, a discrepancy in the medical record concerning anesthesia dosage received, and [...]

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Understanding Obesity Part II: The Risks of Bariatric Care

While our last post focused on the variety of health risks those with obesity face, this week’s post focuses on risks that don’t often come first to mind; those faced by bariatric patients while being cared for, and the medical professionals caring for them. Due to increased chances of complication and greater weight to move [...]

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