Criminal defense cases can include (but not limited to) child abuse and neglect, dependency, domestic violence and sexual assault. Our forensic nurses are able to review and analyze the medical records to understand the story behind the records and if the medical records support the claimed damages.

In criminal defense cases the stakes are too high to not understand all the potential medical issues; we use experienced forensic nurses who can uncover all the issues that might make or break your case.


“We just finished up a 2-day trial that ended in a 2-word verdict. It wouldn’t have happened without legal nurse consultant Wendy Votroubek who provided invaluable help deciphering pages upon pages of complex medical records and foundation to attack the attending doctor’s conclusions. Without that knowledge, there’s no way this turned out the way it did”
Edward Kroll, Esq.
“I am thrilled with your work product and assure you that we will be calling on you again for all of our medical case related issues. I’m blown away by your professionalism and advocacy.”
Laura Fine, Esq.