Our nurses have experience with both medical chart notes and billing records in a variety of personal injury cases. What we offer our clients includes:

  • Chronology of events, an organized approach of what happened when;
  • Abbreviated case summaries with the potential strength and weaknesses of the case;
  • Future medical costs, which includes attention to your client’s pre-existing conditions and lifetime costs;
  •  The reasonableness of charges, as per the usual, customary and reasonableness of charges per region (city and/or state);
  • Pain and suffering reports, special emphasis on your client’s medical procedures and surgeries.


“The case was recently settled in mediation and your hard work played no small part in helping us convey accurate information to the mediator. Thank you for your excellent help.”
Michael Held, Esq.
“I am beyond impressed by the product you’ve provided us. We are excited and motivated to move forward in this case because of your effort. You’ve done an excellent job.”

Bennett Brandenburg, Esq.