I am writing with gratitude in my heart for all the work you all put into this case…I am thrilled with your work product and assure you that we will be calling on you again for all of our medical case related issues. I’m blown away by your professionalism and advocacy.
Laura A. Fine, Esq.
I had Wendy review a complex set of hospital records for me. Her synopsis was thorough, understandable and she then went further and provided me with some very insightful medical journal articles and research which put the case in excellent perspective. I will definitely use her again.
Richard D. Adams, Esq.
Thank you very much for your help in reviewing the extensive medical files in our case. The nurse I worked with was exceptional and very informative. With your help, we resolved a very difficult and complex case. My office will continue using you many times in the future.

Alexis Bishop Stern, Esq.
Because of several large cases going on at the same time, I had to find someone to do the medical review that my legal assistant normally does. I contacted Wendy and hired her for the job. The review was in the format and style I requested. It was every bit as thorough, perhaps even more than my legal assistant. It was exactly what I needed. I would not hesitate to use Wendy again, in fact, I am.
Jim Dwyer, Esq.
We could not be more thrilled to be working with you on our cases.
Judah Largent, Public Defender Deschutes County
You are a patient and wonderful educator and I will recommend you highly.
F. James Healy, Esq.
Thank you so much for your timely response to this case! We appreciate what you do.
Katie Ireland, Esq.
Wendy provides prompt, professional, courteous service with a ready smile that sets clients at ease. She lasers in on the medical issues that matter most to highlight them for legal review as we consider how to best represent out medical cases to the triers of fact.
Jenna Harden, Esq.
This is awesome! You are well worth the money! Thanks, Wendy.
Andrew Mathers, Esq.
Thank you for your speedy work and comprehensive spreadsheet.
Jim Nelson, Esq.
I have reviewed the report and it was very well done. Thanks for your good work promptly done
Ralph Rayburn, Esq.
Thank you for the hard work and detailed report.
Judy Snyder, Esq.